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Meditation Practice Tools & Tips

1. Time & Place

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  • Start first thing in the morning
  • Choose the same spot every day
  • Consistency is key
  • Do 2 minutes every morning vs 20 minutes once a week
  • Practice in a space free of clutter, distraction and noise
  • Show up!

2. Get Comfortable

  • Set yourself up for success
  • Feel physically supported

3. Don’t Worry If You’re Doing It Wrong, You’re Not!

  • There is no perfect way to meditate
  • Be at ease with the fact that you’ve showed up

4. It’s Not about Clearing the Mind

  • Thoughts are normal and can’t be shut off
  • Practicing is about focusing attention and strengthening mindfulness and awareness muscles

5. Approach Meditation with a Beginners Mind

  • Don’t compare to previous meditation practices
  • Hopes, fears, desires and expectations can interfere with meditation
  • Release the desire to control the outcome
  • Simply be!
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